African Pygmy Pig - Often referred to as the
"Guinea Hog," Can be traced to its ancestry
back to the days of the slave trade.  Through
selective breeding, the Guinea hog was
transformed into a great homesteader pig.  
They were prized as meat production pigs
before the invention of the refrigerator, so all
the meat could be consumed with little to no

The Guinea hog is a very friendly and
adaptable pig.  They are for the most part
black with a few pigs having white on the feet
and hints of red or grey on their coats.  They
have thick full coats, curly tails, and erect
ears.  Guinea hog piglets are farrowed
weighing 1 pound and reach maturity between
2 and 3 years weighing 200-300 pounds.  They
are very docile toward people and other
animals, but are known to run off vermin.
African Pygmy Pig
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