Bringing home your Miniature Pig
Here are some tips when you bring your pig home for the first time.

When you first bring your miniature pig home, he or she will likely find a corner and want to stay their;
or hide under some furniture.  That is OK for a while.  Allow your new miniature pig to adjust to his or
her new surroundings.  Training your new miniature pig and getting him used to you will require some
patients and training.  Use treats to gradually get your miniature pig out of the corner, or from under the
furniture.  Gradually move the treats closer and closer to you until your miniature pig has to get into
your lap to eat the treats.  Once you have trained your miniature pig to get into your lap, you have won
the battle.  From there work on getting your miniature pig to allow you to pet him or her.  It may take a
couple of days, or more, for your miniature pig to completely trust you.  Remember you are building a
life bound and life bounds take time to develop, but are so worth the challenge!  
Before you bring your new miniature pig home, you will need some supplies.  
Below is a list of miniature pig supplies that will help insure you are prepared
to raise a happy healthy pig.   We have done the shopping for you and have
found the best items for your preparation to home your miniature pig.
Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
You will need a cage for your miniature pig.  The cage
should be a safe place for your miniature pig to have some
alone time.  It will also be handy for a sleeping place, or a
place to keep your miniature pig when you leave the home.
When you choose a water and feed bowl, make sure it
has a large base and cannot be tipped over easy.  Your
miniature pig will use its nose to play with things and
will tip over anything that can be tipped over.  
This is a very good book that covers
the bases of caring for a miniature
pig; as well as, a detailed and
complete miniature pig care guide.
Mazuri makes a great miniature pig food.  It comes in youth,
active adult and elder.  Youth is or the first few months of
your pigs life.  Then switch to active adult.  Mazuri pig food
as all the nutrients your miniature pig needs; however, fresh
fruits and vegetables are also recommended.
If you are going to use a litter box
make sure your miniature pig can
safely enter the litter box.  Also make
sure the litter box is large enough for
your miniature pig to turn around in.
Pine pellet is the best litter for miniature pigs.  It is
extremely absorbent and is not harmful to your
miniature pigs, like other kitty litter can be.
Your miniature pig will need a durable
blanket that can be washed.  Your
miniature pig will use the blanket to cuttle
with and sleep under.  
Your miniature pig will need a toy.  Make
sure the toy is washable and durable.  
Stuffed animals and soft balls make
great toys for your miniature pig.
A good adjustable harness and leash is
required for to walk your miniature pig.  See
our training your miniature pig to get some
helpful advise on leash training your
miniature pig.  Pick this up at your local pet
store, depending on the size of your
miniature pig.  
A trough cushion makes a great
day bed for your miniature pig.  
Have a bored piggy? Try one of these fun
rooting mats to keep him/her entertained! Hide
treats in the strands of felt and watch them
root around looking for the treats! Great to
keep them busy while away from home or as a
silent and CLEAN toy to play with at night.