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Bathing Your Miniature Pig
Bathing Your Miniature Pig
Grooming Your
Miniature Pig
Bathing Your Miniature Pig
We bath our miniature pigs in the bathtub for the most
part.  Some of our outdoor pigs prefer the kiddie pool;
either way is fine.  Pigs generally love baths as they
love water and to be rubbed or scratched so bathing
combines several of their favorite things. Depending
on the height of your pig the water level will differ.  
We fill the tub or pool just enough to reach our
miniature pig’s belly.  Make sure the water is not too
warm or too cold. The first few baths may make them
nervous so it’s important to keep them calm by
speaking to them in a calming voice.

There are a few tricks that can help in this area.  
Placing a few cheerios, celery leaves or other
floatable treats is a great option. Float one to your
miniature pig’s nose, to introduce it too him.  You may
need to put it in your hand from the tub the first time
or so to catch your miniature pig's attention.  Some
miniature pigs even like small balls in the tub or infant
floatable toys. Wait for your miniature pig to calmly
adjust to the tub or pool before you begin his bath.

You can use bath brushes, sponges, or our usual
choice your own hands for the scrubbing.  We use
baby shampoo for bath time as it is very gentle on
miniature pig’s skin, which is usually dry.  While your
miniature pig is still wet, it’s the best time to apply a
light coat of moisturizing oil or lotions.  If your
Miniature pig will be spending a lot of time outside, be
careful about what is applied or apply baby sunscreen
before sending him back out.  We use bag balm, baby
lotion or Avon skin so soft for the most part.  Keep in
mind that pigs will be rubbing most of the surfaces of
your furniture and flooring, so we always dry our pigs
after applying any lotion or oil; unless, its sun block
and the miniature pig will be heading outdoors.

Cleaning Your Miniature Pigs Ears
Once your Miniature pig has adjusted to you and
bathing it will have no problem with you cleaning his
ears.  We recommend cotton balls and alcohol.
Many people use cotton swabs but we never do as it
is dangerous and your pig may move quickly and this
can cause injuries.  It’s really simple and your pig will
grow to love ear cleanings. Pour the alcohol on the
cotton ball and gently scrub inside his ears.  

Caring For Your Miniature Pig's Feet
If your miniature pig never leaves the indoors you may
need to do a little more work with his feet.  Ours are
constantly in and out on a variety of surfaces from
carpet, tile, hardwood, concrete and grass so we
usually don’t need to do much in this area.  Lots of
exposure to various surfaces will keep your miniature
pig’s nails trimmed as a result of normal wear on his
foot.  Your miniature pig has four soft toes covered by
a hard nail surface and his nails will grow and need
trimming as he ages.  The bottom of his feet are soft
and can be injured just like your own so make sure
his environment is free of broken glass, nails or other
hazards.  If proper care is not taken of your miniature
pig’s nails damage to the feet can occur.  We
recommend that you use a professional if your pigs
nails have become over grown and need trimming
beyond a simple filing or if you notice any splitting of
his nails.  You can use an emery board if you spend
lots of time before hand rubbing your miniature pig’s
feet. This way he will trust you and be still for the
filing, be careful not to over file your miniature pig’s
nails as it’s like a thick finger nail with sensitive skin
under and around it.