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Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
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Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs
Juliana Pigs   "The painted miniature pig"

Breed History and standard

The Juliana Pig heritage traces back to Europe and
was developed through an extensive selective
breeding program to enhance small size,
temperament and intelligence. The Juliana Pig’s
frame is naturally small.  They were imported to the
United States in the 1980's.  They have small to
medium ears, a slight potbelly, short hair (longer in
the winter), slight sway back, and straight tails.  
Juliana Pig’s are often referred to as the "Painted
Pig” due to their color variations and spot patterns.  
Juliana Pig’s colors can be red, red and black, red
and white, black, silver, silver and white, black and
white, black and silver and tri-colored.  A full
blooded Juliana Pig is always spotted!  Some of the
darker hair colors may not have visible spots as
their hair grows longer and they age; however,
when shaved the spots will be visible.  Juliana Pigs
have a very gentle disposition; they love to play and
are extremely devoted to their families.  

In 2012 the Juliana Pig Association & REGISTRY
(JPAR) was officially founded to keep the purity of
this small breed of pigs.    This registry is concerned
with the lineage and breeding of this group of
miniature pigs called Juliana Pigs.  To register a
Juliana pig the breeder must have at least 5
generations of Juliana lineage. JPAR records
lineage, size, and age on every pig entered and has
an ONLINE DATABASE that is OPEN to the public.  
JPAR has a breed standard and a Code of Ethics
for responsible breeding and consequences to
falsification of information for farms that make false
claims about their pigs.  As JPAR grows so does the
consistency of this particular breed of miniature
pig.   Juliana Pigs are registered as youth and then
breeder pigs are required to re-register as adults to
stay in good standing with the Juliana pig registry.  
The adult breeder must meet all criteria for weight
and height or they will be removed from the breeder
registry and will not receive adult registration papers.

On average the Juliana pig will weigh between 30-
50 lbs. when full grown and less than 17 inches tall.  
Some will weigh as little as 15-20 lbs. full grown, but
the breed standard is 30-50 lbs. which is the
smallest pig available.  When fully mature the
Juliana pig will be disqualified as a breeder if it
exceeds 69 lbs. or is taller than 17 inches.  The
Cincinnati zoo has Juliana pigs on their property
and lists the weights between 20-40 pounds.  
Generally speaking, so called Micro-mini pigs and
tea cup pigs have one parent that is a Juliana or
part Juliana and the other parent can be of any
breed and these miniature pigs will exceed the
growth standards of the full blooded Juliana pig.
The miniature Juliana pig lives on average between
14-18 years; of course this is just the average.

Miniature Juliana pigs are highly intelligent and very
friendly.  They are outgoing, curious and very
trusting once they have a bond with their family.  
Miniature Juliana pigs make great pets and have
hair, not fur, so they are hypo-allergenic.  They are
not prone to many diseases and they are not prone
to fleas like your household cats and dogs so
veterinarian trips are minimal.