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Kune Kune Pigs

The Kune Kune pig is a small breed of domestic pig
from New Zealand.  They were kept by the Morai
natives and were originally kept as a source of food.   

Kune Kune pigs are really hairy and have a rounder
build then some of the other breeds of pigs.  Their
hair also tends to grow longer than other breeds of
miniature pigs.  Kun Kune pigs can have wattles
hanging from their lower jaw.  Some people refer to
the wattles as Tassels.  Not all Kune Kune pigs have
wattles and some can be lost during the pig’s life
span.  The American Kune Kune pig society does
give extra points for a pair of wattles.

The Kune Kune pig is usually 24inches to 30 inches
tall and range in weight from 125 pounds to 250
pounds.  Still, even at this weight they are considered
to be a miniature pig when compared to the weight
and height of other commercial pigs found around the
world. Keep in mind that the Miniature pigs are very
compact and in contrast to other animals of the same
weight they will not appear to be as large.  The kune
kune pig is generally below the height of your knee.  
Kune Kune pigs come in a variety of colors and may
have patterns or spots of different colors on them.
The American Kune kune pig society recognizes the
following colors:  Cream, Ginger/Black, Brown,
Black/White, Gold tip, Ginger, Tri-color, Brown/White
and White/Black.

The Kune Kune pig is a great choice for a pet; they
are very docile, not big on roaming and not known as
much for rooting as other pigs do.  Kune Kune Pigs
can easily be kept in a fence without much worry of
them trying to test for weak spots like other pigs do.  
Kune Kune pigs are very intelligent and very

Kune Kune Pigs love to snuggle and do much better if
they have another kune kune pig for a companion as
they are herd animals.  Kune Kune pigs will bond with
other animals in the home as well as his or her owner.
However, as with any pet, their affection will be
greater with another kune kune than with you if you
go this route. If possible we do recommend that they
at least have one other kune kune pig as a
companion.  They do well alone too, but should be
given proper attention. Kune Kune pigs can be litter
box trained or harness trained just like your family
dogs.  Kune Kune pigs love to interact with people
and other animals and make great additions to small
farms as well.

There are not many health concerns with the Kune
Kune breed of pigs.  They are very resilient, hardy
animals.  They do well in hot and cold climates.  Kune
Kune pigs require minimal vaccinations and worming
every 4 to 6 months,
The Kune Kune pig is from New Zealand and was
nearly extinct in the 1970’s.  It is believed that the
number of Kune Kune pigs in existence in the 1970’s
was fewer than 20.  At this time Michael Willis and
John Simister gathered all of the Kune Kunes they
could find and began breeding and protecting them.  
At present there are over 1000 Lune Kune Pigs in
New Zealand and the breed is starting to flourish in
the United States.