Living Environment
For Your Miniature Pig
Indoor living environment for your Miniature pig

Pig proofing your home
Before your miniature pig arrives it is best to have a
game plan in place to keep your pet safe and make
training and transition easier for you and your miniature
pig.  We recommend that you pig proof your home in
advance to avoid injury, messes that you will have to
clean and your miniature pig having any access to an
all you can eat buffet that is sure to come.

Unlike having a cat or a dog your miniature pig will be
more like having a 2 or 3 year old toddler in your home.  
They are curious, they love to explore, they can climb
and will eat anything they can get into their mouths.  
Your miniature pig will act like a human vacuum cleaner
and anything that interest them will end up in their
mouths.  They will eat non-stop and will learn quickly
where the food is and how to access it.  They are pretty
strong and can knock your garbage can over for a
feast, as well as knock your hamper over for a fun roll
or nap in your laundry.  For these reasons it is best to
pig-proof your home to avoid future trouble with your
miniature pig.

First, we recommend that you have child locks on any
cabinets with cleaners or any other toxic substances.  
We also advise that you place child locks on any
cabinets with food as your miniature pig will sniff out the
good stuff and help himself.  Any rooms that have
chemicals can be closed off or you can place a baby
gate in the doorway to prevent your miniature pig from
entering the area.  However, we recommend that any
chemicals be well out of reach from your miniature pig.  
Anything unsafe to a toddler is unsafe to your miniature

We always suggest a heavy bowl for food and one for
water, no glass as your pig could push it and break it
resulting in injury.  We use heavy pet bowls that are
stainless steel but you can use metal baking dishes
which also work well for miniature pigs.

Miniature Pigs can climb, just like a toddler, if there is a
will they will find a way.  So they can have the
occasional fall which could result in injury as they are
not graceful or adapt to catching themselves like other
pets.  Miniature pigs have more trouble getting down
from furniture then other pets so some help may be
needed until they have mastered this.  However, our
miniature pigs love to lounge on the couch and watch t.
v. but they are older and can get themselves up and
down with no problem.

Miniature pigs will chew and wires can be a hazard so
make sure they are safely tucked away out of your pigs

Home environment
When you first bring your miniature pig home it can be
easier on you and him if you start with confinement to a
smaller area unless you are holding him or letting him
explore with you.  

It generally takes a couple of weeks for your pig to bond
with you and this small confinement area will require
him to have more interaction with you as well as a
smaller space to learn to litter box train.  Your miniature
pig can use a dog bed for sleeping however, we find
that they love to be enclosed in a taxi or kennel with lots
of blankets.  We don’t close the door at night, however
you may choose too.  They can also be left in the
kennel while you are away for short periods of time.  
They are clean animals and will only use their sleeping
area for potty time if no other option is available.   When
using the smaller confinement area for the first few
weeks you should sit on the floor with treats and
encourage your pig to come to you.  Avoid chasing your
miniature pig around as this will only make him more
nervous.  In a few days you should notice your pig is
bonding with you and training is underway.

Long term living environment tips
We recommend that you provide a quiet place for your
miniature pigs bed/sleep area.  As stated before you
may use a dog bed but we find that they prefer a kennel
or taxi that serves as their own room.  Plenty of blanket
or towels should be provided to your miniature pig as
they love to snuggle up with them and sleep so much
better with them.

Miniature pigs love the sunshine and tend to thrive with
much access.  Whether your yard is fenced and you
allow him access this way or you take your miniature
pig on walks in a secure harness, keep in mind his skin
can burn.  If allowed long times outside with no shade
provided you may want to consider a baby safe sun

Also 2 scheduled eating times a day with a permissible
snack is advisable.
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