Miniature Pig Skin Care
Keep in mind your miniature pig does not have sweat
glands.  They can get overheated easily and tend to
have dry skin.  This is why miniature pigs get the
reputation of being dirty; because they love to roll in
the mud.  The mud is a place for your pet pig to cool
off their bodies on hot days.  Its not necessarily that
they love to be dirty; in fact, miniature pigs are very
clean animals. If you are keeping your  pig inside you
should not have a problem with your miniature pig
getting too hot and overheating or getting a sunburn.  

However, if you keep your pig outside, please make
sure that they have a shaded area to lay down in and
retreat from the hot sun.  Also, on a side note and off
topic,  make sure that they have plenty of fresh water
to drink throughout the day.  If kept outside your
miniature pig will root around in the ground some; as
a result, will get their drinking water dirty.  Just make
sure to change your miniature pig's water daily as the
mud in their water can create an unhealthy condition.  

We bath our pigs about twice a month; however, if
they are outside a lot they may require a bath on a
more frequent basis. Also, if they rarely go outside
they may only require a bath once a month at your
discretion of course.  Over bathing can also lead to
increased skin dryness.   Any baby shampoo is gentle
enough for use on your miniature pigs skin and you
can also purchase miniature pig  ph balanced
shampoo at our pig store if you prefer to use a
shampoo that is specifically designed for your pet.  
Please don’t use just any soap or shampoo on your
pig's skin as it is already dry and prone to irritation.  
We also use bag balm sparingly to insure extra
moisture.  We apply it or baby oil (a very small
amount) to wet skin immediately after bath time and
message it in.  Your pig will love this part of bath
time.  We also have a more detailed pig bath article  
on bathing as this can be overwhelming for some
miniature pig owners and it does not have to be.  

Miniature pigs are prone to sunburn so it is advisable
to be careful as to what you use and when you use it
on your miniature pig's skin.  For example, you would
not want to apply baby oil and send your miniature pig
to the yard for sunshine as this would increase the
likely-hood of a sunburn.  If your miniature pig does
not have access to shade in your yard, or you are
going to be out for long periods of time, you should
consider applying a baby safe sun block on  your pigs
skin.  The top of the  nose and the ears are generally
the first to burn, so just pay attention to those areas.   
Never apply sun block to the snout of your miniature
pig, only on the top of the nose and avoid the eye

When its time to clean the skin inside of  your
miniature pigs ears, we suggest that you use a cotton
ball and alcohol.   Simply wet the cotton ball with the
alcohol and gently  clean the inside of the ear, in time
your pig will come to love this as much as bath time.  
Never us swabs as your miniature pig can move
quickly and injuries can result.  
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