Playing and bonding
with your miniature pig
PLAY TIME/unstructured bonding time

Set aside some time each day to play and bond
with your miniature pig.  While your miniature pig
can be taught good behavior and tricks, play time
is different then TRAINING time.  

Training time could be considered school, where
your miniature pig is attentive to what you are
trying to teach him or her and as many
distractions as possible should be removed.  Play
time is like recess it can be a little noisy or just a
time for you and your miniature pig to relax and
have some enjoyable time together.   This is
important for bonding with your miniature pig and
can even include snuggling on the couch for some
TV time or a long walk.  Just time that is quality
time for bonding with you and your pet miniature
pig.  Of course good behavior is still expected
even in play and bonding time.

Miniature pigs have to learn to trust you and do
not bond with you overnight, so this stress free
bonding time is very important.  You will need to
learn your pig's personality as he learns yours.  
He will favor some games and activities over

Some miniature pigs prefer to sit in your lap, while
some prefer to simply lay next to you.  This will
take time for you and your miniature pig to figure
out, but play time will be a valuable time for you to
learn more about him.

It's also important to note that pigs can become
depressed just like humans.  If you spend most of
your time giving him attention, while he is new and
then your attention starts slacking, your miniature
pig may become a little down.  It's important to
have a balance in your relationship with your
miniature pig to avoid any future problems.  While
I recommend that you spend as much time as
possible bonding with your pig, its just as
important for your miniature pig to learn to
entertain himself as well.

Also, it is important to learn when to give your
miniature pig treats and play time is not always
the best time; however, a treat on occasion while
your pig is enjoying play time is OK.  Your
miniature pig is smart and will learn to expect
snacks all day if you are not careful.  You want
your pig to have down time from training to play
and learn to interact without expecting a treat for
his or her attention.  You also want time that is
pressure free for your miniature pig without you
expecting him or her to dance or sit on command.
Like a child, miniature pigs like structure.  Not a
hard schedule but some sort of routine.  Setting
certain times of the day for play and certain times
of the day for learning,  (while any time is still a
teachable time and your pig is constantly learning)
will give your miniature pig something to look
forward too.  This also will go a long way in
preventing your miniature pig from becoming

Good bonding play time is easy and can involve a
variety of activities.  Engaging your miniature pig
in ball rolling on the floor is something all pigs
love. Like your family dog, some pigs will even
learn to fetch and enjoy this activity.  Play time
does not have to require much effort on your part,
it should be enjoyable for you and your miniature
pig.   Most dog toys are a source of fun; however,
you should never engage in tug of war games with
your miniature pig as this could cause aggression
in the long run.  You can even give them a good
rub down as pigs love a message.  Just talk, sing,
laugh and play on the floor with them as you
would a child, this lets them learn your voice in a
setting that is not as strict as training.   Miniature
pigs are so smart and it may take a while for you
to win them over, so active play time is a very
important step in the process.
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