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Welcome to Miniature Pigs.  Miniature Pigs is
your one stop source for all of your miniature
pig needs.  Whether you are looking to:

Purchase a Miniature Pig -
Currently we sell full
blooded Juliana Miniature Pigs.  Juliana Pigs are
the smallest breed of miniature pigs available.  
They are not breed small, but are naturally small
miniature pigs.  Our Miniature Juliana Pigs are
registered with the Juliana Pig association and
have a 5 year pedigree listed.  This is your
assurance that you will get a naturally small
healthy miniature pig.  We have miniature pigs for
sale now, please shop our available Miniature
Juliana Pigs to purchase the perfect pet miniature
pig for your family.

Bringing Home Your Miniature Pig - Once you
have purchased the miniature pig of your choice,
learn how to acclimate the miniature pig to your
home and to your family.  Also, learn how to
properly train your miniature pig.    

Miniature Pig Health Care -
Check out the caring
for your miniature pig section of our website, which
has instructions for the proper care of your
miniature pig; as well as, miniature pig health care
products to keep your miniature pig happy and

Types Of Miniature Pigs - Learn about the types
of Miniature Pigs, where they come from, what
makes them great pets and some of the different
breeds of miniature pigs that are available.

Miniature Pig Store - Be sure to shop our
miniature pig store to find miniature products like:
miniature pig health care; miniature pig art,
miniature pig decor, other miniature pig products
and miniature pig toys.
Thank you for shopping at miniaturepigs.com.  Your
one source to purchase a miniature pig; learn about
miniature pig health care; purchase miniature pig
products and to get miniature pig information.  Our
Juliana pigs are breed by Little Painted Pig Farm at
Sonny Simeon Rd. Livingston Louisiana.  Little
Painted Pig Farm only breeds full blooded Juliana
miniature pigs, which are registered with the Juliana
Pig Association Registry "JPAR."  Little Painted Pig
Farm is a very reputable breeder and guarantees
the health of the miniature pigs it sales.  We know
that you have a choice when selecting a miniature
pig and miniature pig products.  That is why
miniaturepigs.com strives to be the one source for
all of your miniature pig needs and wants.  Please
let us know if there is anything that we can improve
on, or are lacking, on our website .  Thanks again!
Noah holding a miniature pig
MiniaturePigs.Com was happy to have provided one of our
mini Juliana Pigs to cast member Jessica from the Jep and
Jessica Growing the Dynasty television show!  Below are
some photos of our son John with Jessica and Miss Kay!
John Preston with cast member
Miss Kay from the TV show Duck
Dynasty and Jessica from the TV
show Jep and Jessica Growing
the Dynasty.  "John is explaining
about our Juliana Pigs."
John Preston with cast member
Miss Kay from the TV show
Duck Dynasty and Jessica from
the TV show Jep and Jessica
Growing the Dynasty.  "In the
photo Miss Kay is calming down
Otis, one of our miniature
Juliana Pigs."